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Reverse Mortgage

Are you 62 or older? Would you like to eliminate your mortgage payment and continue living in your home? * 

Today's Reverse Mortgage, now known as HECM (Home Equity Conversion Mortgage) is new and much improved.


Discover the Benefits of a Reverse Mortgage Line of Credit - Reverse Mortgage Funding LLC



Did you know:

  • You can access all or part of your home's equity, in a variety of options.
  • Lump sum amounts are available.
  • You can take monthy distributions for life, or some other fixed period of time.
  • You can use proceeds to pay off other debt (after mortgage debt is paid off).
  • No monthly mortgage payment is ever required.
  • You do not "sign over" your home to the bank.
  • Credit scores are not relevant.
  • The HECM (Reverse Mortgage) can be used to avoid mortgage or tax foreclosures. 

Our knowledgeable Reverse Mortgage Specialists will help you understand your options and assist you in selecting the program best suited to meet your needs.

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